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Laboratory Technician
Indianapolis, IN

AIT Bioscience, LLC

The Technician performs tasks that result in accurate and timely results, including support of method development, validation, and sample analysis of chemical entities in biological matrices in a regulated environment utilizing various analytical technologies. The Technician preps and maintains the laboratory workspace and helps maintain the smooth operations of the laboratory facility. The Technician assists scientists in performing routine scientific or laboratory tasks. The individual makes observations and collects and analyzes data.

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Sales Director
Carmel, Indiana

Karyosoft LLC

Karyosoft is expanding the core team by adding a full-time Sales Director to focus on Loci, a genomics SaaS platform for microbiome scientists. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative and team environment and maintain regular business hours with limited travel. Being a fast-growing start-up in the rapidly growing market, the successful candidate will have a great career growth potential in Karyosoft serving the needs of national and international clients. The preferred location for this position is Carmel, Indiana but not a requirement. The Sales Director is responsible for increasing the traction following our sales funnel by working with our current clients and generating new leads through our marketing channels globally. The sales director also tracks all activity in the CRM, providing details to the technical team, following up and nurturing the leads in the pipeline.

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Director of Method Development, Ligand Binding Assays
Indianapolis, IN

AIT Bioscience, LLC

The Director of Method Development, Ligand Binding Assays, is a key company role. The director will provide scientific, technical, and strategic leadership and oversight of bioanalytical science deliverables including data and methods. The individual will play a pivotal role in supporting AIT sponsored large molecule drug development and safety projects from late-stage research through all later phases of the drug development process in the Ligand Binding Assay (LBA) lab. The individual is expected to have a strong scientific career path and demonstrated expertise in the field of immunoassay design, development, troubleshooting, qualification and validation along with experience in cell therapy and gene therapy. The candidate must have excellent interpersonal skills and will work closely with representatives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other sponsoring organizations both in a scientific and business development capacity. The candidate must be familiar with FDA guidance documents and industry white papers. The position requires adaptability, excellent planning, organization and communication skills, as well as the ability to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented, environment. The individual will have a leadership role and will provide expert guidance that will drive the company forward in a competitive business environment. The director will have the opportunity to exceed key company performance goals, to change the direction of the company as industry needs shift, and to provide a collaborative and collegial work environment that provides meaningful long-term employment to the scientific and supporting staff.

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Sales Administrator
Ft. Wayne, IN

Panzit International LLC (dba 3BG Supply Co)

We are currently interviewing for a Sales Administrator position on our sales team. The position will have a key role in helping us to achieve our sales goals. Sales Administrators play a large role in maintaining our reputation for excellent products and superior customer satisfaction. The Sales Admin will also provide support for our inside sales Account Executives, ensuring impeccable, all-around customer service. Candidates should be goal-oriented and have a strong knowledge of customer service best practices. We are seeking someone who thrives on a team and is committed to success.

Data Collection Support
Valparaiso, IN

APL nextED, Inc. (f/k/a Adjunct Professor Link, Inc.)

The Data Collection Support Representative is a temporary, project-based position located within the Marketing department. The ideal candidate will be an independent learner, detail-oriented, responsible and organized.


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